Autumn in the Air

As I look out over the spacious, enjoyable acres of Olive Park, I am gently reminded by Mother Nature that autumn is in the air; with a variety of reminders, visual and otherwise: Falling leaves, chirping birds, early sunsets, pumpkins, apple cider, etc. and city people migrating to Lake Geneva like geese or birds flying south for the winter.

Meanwhile, Illinois license plates are in abundance in Door County, (Wisconsin) to view the spectacular changing of colors; Mother Nature (proud as a peacock) displaying her rainbow of colors ...

Soldier Field is alive with exciting activity, while the advent of basketball and hockey awaits the United Center.

Youngsters bemoan the start of a new school year, while the idea of bright orange pumpkins, Halloween candy, and exciting costumes sparkle in their eyes.

Mother Nature's vast cornucopia fills our visual landscape with a panorama display of natural colors .... while creatures large and small scurry around at the prospect of grey winter days on the horizon.

Yes, it's a unique time of year when we all slow down a bit, reflect on the past, and enjoy outdoor sights and sounds and appreciate October under a full harvest moon ....


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