Driehaus - Another Sensational Summer Soiree

Once again all eyes in Lake Geneva were focused on the magnificent country estate of Richard Driehaus.

This year's theme was the 1940's era, (my favorite) and guests arrived appropriately in 1940's suits, hats, dresses, hairstyles, etc.

Even Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall would've been envious of a 1940's celebration of this significance and stature .... as the excited guests showed up, they were greeted by Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Betty Davis as perfect role models. The engaging ambiance and atmosphere directly reflected the 1940's; the Party Guide that accompanied the special invitation indicated that the dress code would be "Summer Cocktail Chic" with a 1940's twist.

Everything from cotton candy to a seven - course buffet dinner was offered along the rolling green emerald acres of this breathtaking country estate. Food stations were strategically positioned around the estate making it easy for the guests to dine, mingle and walk around.

1942 was the year Casablanca debuted; it was also the year this party's flamboyant host was born, and this celebration emulated every aspect of that significant era.

On display were a few symbols of Richard Driehaus amazing success: pristine automobiles from the 40's, positioned around the lawn like trophies on wheels ....

Dazzling and sexy vocalist Bernadette Peters entertained the privileged crowd well into the night as a spectacular fireworks display topped off this outstanding party and Richard Driehaus once again demonstrated that he is indeed a generous, outgoing philanthropist who is more than willing to brighten the world around him ....

Happy Birthday Richard


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