Birthday Bash for the President Obama

Well, it was pretty interesting attending the President's birthday party at the home of Marty Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard.

It was quite intriguing listening to all the conversations about politics going on at the same time. I visited with friends and met some new people; one of the loveliest was Juanita Jordan and her children who were so well mannered and polite.

After a few hours of socializing the President made his appearance down the lawn and it was truly quite exciting. There has been much controversy about the President to date, however people acted appropriately on his special day, joining in to celebrate. Obama was very cordial and spoke to everyone.

Later that evening at the home of Dr. Bowman (where desserts were served), the President delivered his remarks. No one was allowed to walk from one house to another since everyone was previously screened by the Secret Service.

Happy Birthday Obama !!!

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