Alpari World Match Racing Tour in Chicago

At W Hotel a very unique celebration was taking place on the terrace.

Chicago was one of the stops for the 8th city world wide tour. Our city felt very special to honor all of these skippers.

Upon entering the active W Hotel, the guests were escorted to an elevator designated just for Alpari. Beautiful hostesses greeted everyone as they entered the outdoor terrace.

Waiters and waitresses weaved their way through this sporting crowd, offering everything from wine, to shrimp to an endless supply of pizza. A small, excited crowd gathered around the center area of this terrace with a breathtaking view of lake Michigan and Ohio St. beach as a backdrop. I managed to slowly circulate through the guests until I saw the curious attraction: a roulette wheel, complete with a full size gambling table and a croupier with a beautiful blonde acting as an assistant.

Off to the right revealed a brand new 2012 Lotus sports car, looking like a white diamond on four wheels. A lively DJ provided entertaining background music as sailors, friends, and family members chatted about the race taking place the next day.

Two match cup trophies were proudly on display during the evening with winners names from previous years engraved on it.

A gentle, cool breeze swept over the crowd as I gazed to the East (towards the lake) and wondered what the next two days of match racing would bring to this sailboat admiring crowd.

Contributor: JPW

Enjoy the photos:


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