Matt Lamb: He created peace with a paintbrush


"Art is the universal language, and it can change the world".  This belief statement is the foundation of Matt Lamb's state of mind, whereby spirituality enabled him to accomplish his artwork and influence the hopes and dreams of others ....

Following in the footsteps of his father, Matt Lamb prospered as an undertaker; yet he did not pick up a paintbrush until he was 45 years old !  After being misdiagnosed or miraculously cured of several illnesses, he opened his first painting studio in Chicago (in 1986) and decided to spread his message of peace, hope, love, and tolerance through his works of art.  Two more studios were established in 1988 (in Florida) and another one in Wisconsin in 1990.

From his artwork to "Umbrellas for Peace", Matt Lamb conveys a never-ending message of what the world could idealistically become.  "Umbrellas for Peace" was in response to the terror attacks on Sept. 11th, 2001.  38 kids who lost their parents in the attacks were invited to Washington, D.C. (for 3 days) to help them express their feelings by painting umbrellas.  In 2003 the project expanded to Europe and since then 300,000 children worldwide have painted screens for peace.  The umbrella is symbolic and all-encompassing; it does not discriminate.  It accepts everyone and protects anyone underneath it no matter what their color, religion, or race might be.  However the umbrella requires individuals to pick it up, open it, and hold it up to protect themselves.  The Matt Lamb "Umbrellas for Peace" projects have been initiated in all parts of the world, from Argentina and Australia to France, Germany, and Spain.

Much to the shock of his fans worldwide, Matt Lamb's astonishing fairy tale story came to a tragic end when he passed away on Sat., Feb, 18th, 2012.  However, just as in life, Matt Lamb wants us to celebrate his passing and continue to spread his message of peace, hope, and love across the globe and pursue our dreams.

This Sunday,(Feb. 26th) at the River East Arts Center (Matt Lamb Chicago Museum) there will be services and festivities honoring this enigmatic artist who touched us all starting with a public visitation at 1:00 PM and ending with a reception at 7:00 PM.  A formal mass and burial service will be held on Monday, at a church not yet disclosed.

If there is one thing I'll always remember about meeting and talking with Matt Lamb, it's the idea that anyone who comes into contact with him leaves with something special from him.

The world has indeed lost a creative genius and heaven has gained a magnificent soul ....




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  • Thanks for bringing Mr. Lamb to my attention. I looked at some of his work on line. He reminds me of William Blake, Paul Klee, and Marc Chagall. What do you think?

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