" ... and many happy returns"

Generations of crowds gathered (both young and old) on a chilly Sunday night at the Park West (at the corner of Clark and Armitage) to celebrate a milestone - Gene & Georgetti's 70th anniversary.  As a film presentation which lasted over an hour that captured everyone's attention, this particular Park West party chronicled the history of Gene & Georgetti's from its origins to today's establishment- a "club" overflowing with camaraderie and ambiance, where you "shake hands with 16 people before you get to your table."

Full of commentary, interviews, and significant photos, this movie entertained and educated about 700 people who attended the event.  The average viewer gained  a lot of remarkable insight from interviews- both candid and funny from generation's old customers to brand new ones.   Stories and jokes were in abundance when you consider a business that has been around for 70 years and everyone from Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, legendary athletes, and former Mayors have walked through your doors ....

Some current customers were first brought to Gene & Georgetti's decades ago when they initially heard their Dad's and Uncle's talk about the place.
Delicious hors d'oeuvres and ice-cold cocktails were well in hand after the movie ended; but it seemed like the party just started.  The lively jazz band sounded and people young and old began to reminisce with stories and anecdotes about their favorite Italian steakhouse (and mine too).

With 70 years of terrific food, devoted customers, and an outstanding reputation, it's a sure bet that Gene & Georgetti's will be around for another 70 years ....


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