Aida: A Love Story


Aida is truly an Opera for all ages.  This love story has something for everyone; betrayal, war, and a love that could never be.  The story comes to life with dramatic choreography by Chicago native Kenneth Von Heidecke, with outstanding singing and vibrant costumes.  Although Aida is a grand and opulent Opera, it is very intimate around the four main characters who are brought to life by this international cast.


From the opening scene of the Nile at sunset to the emotional "Grand Match" to the final scene in the tomb with the moonlight shining, you're engulfed in the emotions of this tragic love story.  Marcello Giordani effortlessly executes one of the most difficult tenor entrances in the Opera.  Aida's (played by Sondra Radvansky) duets with Radomes will leave you breathless as they wrestle with their love for each other and the love for their countries.  In the end love wins the battle versus loyalty to family and country and Aida wins the spot of best opera in my book.

Contributor: ARC


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