47th Annual Chicago International film Festival

The 47th Chicago International Film Festival (Oct. 6th - 20th) got underway Thursday night at the Harris Theatre with much fanfare and media coverage.  Everyone came to see the premiere of "The Last Rites of Joe May" a Steppenwolf films production starring Dennis Farina and Jamie Anne Allman.

Cameras were flashing outside and on the Red Carpet inside the Harris Theatre lobby when Dennis Farina exited his limousine.  Graciously he signed autographs for friends and strangers alike and hugged two of his grandsons as he made his entrance into the theatre where interviews and photos were already in progress.

Filmed in Chicago's West Town neighborhood and directed by Joe Maggio, this film noir portrays Farina as an aging hustler whose life is at a crossroads ....Rounding out the cast are supporting actors Chelcie Ross, Ian Barford, and Gary Cole.

A special thanks goes out to Michael Kutza, festival founder and Artistic Director for helping make the Chicago International Film Festival a continuing annual tradition.



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