"The Gem Collection" designed by Quinton de' Alexander

The sequins sparkled, the spotlights swirled, and the crowd was dazzled as the "Unforgettable Fashion Show" presented by Quinton De' Alexander commenced on Sat., August 20th at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts.

The "Gem Collection" highlighted the evening, showcasing the designs, fabrics, and imagination of Quinton de' Alexander-  a master designer extraordinaire whose 20-year history has now culminated in "Drama Dresses" - dresses intended to make people's heads turn and be admired as "incredible works of art".

Entertainment included professional singers featuring soul, pop, blues, and opera vocal performances as the crowd fluctuated their attention from singers to models and back to singers again as the evening unfolded during the 90-minute entertainment package.  A scrumptious before and fabulous after party were the perfect compliments to an evening that brought us deep into the world of fashion and glamour.

contributor : JPW


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