Destination "Rivers Casino"

The new highly anticipated gaming and entertainment property is in full swing in Des Plaines, Illinois only 16 miles from Chicago. Rivers' 44,000 square foot structure houses the most popular slot machines and table games and has the highest limits in Chicago. A wonderful collection of  dining restaurants, cocktail lounges, and entertainment  venues surround the casino. Some of  the eateries include  Hugo's Frog Bar and Chop House, Canopy Buffett, Flipt, Mian Bar and the Coffee Spot. An added attraction is an outstanding  outside patio with an attached lively night club.

Rivers will also reward customers with a generous loyalty program (The Rush Rewards Players Club). Players Club members will receive invitations to promotions, special events, discounts, priority lines and more. Guests are encouraged to sign up in advance at

I am very excited about the new casino.  Congratulations to Neil Bluhm, he  has done a fantastic job.  Bill Keena, Rivers Casino general manager stated that " Our team members are the best I have worked with in my 20 plus years in gaming and our guests will experience a new gold standard of customer service."

It was great to see so many friends come out and support  the new casino!


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    I am very excited about the new casino.

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