"Women & Words"

This first ever Book Party for  Attorney Lisa Madigan was a very special and unique event.   Over 300 of Chicago's most influential women attended. 
The reception was held in the Winter Garden of the  Harold Washington Library Center  and  
 several women owned and operated businesses helped support the event. They were Berghoff Catering, Shapiro graphic design, Today's Chicago Woman and Women and Children First.
"This event was held to support the work that Attorney General Lisa Madigan is doing to champion the interests of women and safeguard children and seniors," said Suzie Glickman, Chair of Citizens for Lisa Madigan's Campaign.
Lisa wanted this year's fundraiser to be different. "One that promotes really talented women in Illinois. And as attorney general, I know how powerful words can be " says Lisa Madigan .
Featured  authors included: Elizabeth Berg, Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Sara Paretsky.
photos:  Mitch Canoff


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