Love was in the air at Paws Chicago Animal Magnetism

Love was in the Air
at the 5th annual Animal Magnetism Event
Since 1997 Paws Chicago has been doing an extraordinary  job
at saving pets lives and heightening awareness around the world.
As a no kill organization, Paws is committed to the life of ever pet
with respect and dignity.
Last nights event clearly stated that.  Dogs dressed up like their owners,
people dancing with their dogs, two at a time,  doggies receiving massages 
in between dances, gourmet dog food buffet style. Last night truly belong to the
furry guys.
Some of the fun was watching Paula and the girls on stage doing the live auction.
When an item was purchased everyone screamed like little kids.  Aren't we all  children when it comes to our animals. The silent auction had  over 70 auction items to choose from.
The most popular live auction was a visit to The Jay Leno Show.
please enjoy the photos:

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