Nobel Horse Theater presents "ONCE UPON A HORSE"

Chicago's best kept secret isn't a secret and longer.

Rich in tradition and character the Nobel Horse dinner theater 

has been on  the near North side of Chicago for decades.

It is fianlly getting the recognization that it deserves.

Long hours, dedication, passion, and a dream have put this unique dinner theater on the map.

Also, all the horse and carriages you see walking down the 

streets of Chicago live at Noble Horse.

Lisa Diersen, a long time expert horse woman, producer/trainer  along with Laura Amandis, a well established equestrian star and producer

 approached Dan Sampson  the owner of Nobel Horse about putting a horse show on at his theater.  Of course it was a natural. There has been a variety of horse shows going on throughout the year including "TheNutcrakcer"  Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge in horsemanship and especially about the the Lusitano Anyone who loves horses, or just wants some good old fashion entertainment in a warm and inviting atmosphere, please visit the Noble Horse Theater.  I would be delighted  to give you a personal tour.

   The proceeds of the show will  support The Chicago Royal Equestrian Arts Programs and the Chicago Field Museum's upcoming equine exhibit "The Horse" to run February 16th through August.

For more information about Nobel Horse, Lisa Diersen and Lori Amandas please visit their web sties below

Here was the line up for the "Once Upon a Horse Show" pretty impressive!


  • Laura Amandis with Acierto
  • Mario Contreras with Xiomaro BR
  • Chon & Cynthia Macedo with Domino & El Foca
  • Jill McCrae with Quebec
  • Tiana Ng with Mattias
  • Victor Pozzo with Justo
  • Juan Carlos Huaracha with Tango Jim
  • Jean Dempsy with Toblod
  • Rich Costa with Rusty
  • Omar Chinibekov with Sergey Latokhin
  • Melissa Kreuzer with her Fell Ponies
  • The Cossack Riders
  • The Noble Horse Troupe Riders

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