Golden Globes 2011


It was a beautiful sunny day in Beverly Hills for this year's Golden Globe Awards.
Unlike last year when everyone
had to walk the red carpet with umbrellas. It was quite a parade of
stars as usual,  Natalie Portman being my favorite. 
The awards are always grand,  but this year I focused on the hottest  after parties. 
HBO, Paramount,  In Style, Fox and the legendary Harvey Weinstein all at 
the Beverly Hilton Hotel making it t easy for the stars to party hop. It was interesting to watch and talk to some of the celebrities after their wins.  Very casual and VERY friendly. Perhaps it was all that good Moet & Chandon everyone was drinking.  There were huge magnums on every table as well as a dozen bars set up with everything imaginable to drink.  
I got a kick out of AMC's biggest stars like Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston, walking around with their trophies, and smoking a cigarette, like old times. 
 Sometime around midnight I decided to turn in my dancing shoes for my slippers and reflect on the evening's happenings.
Congratulations to all the winners.
Please enjoy the photos
& also visit 

Until next time
Irene M.

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