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Woodlawn Vacant Lot Sold

Walking south on Stony Island last Thursday, I saw an unexpected change on a real estate sign:   The vacant lot at 6538 South Stony Island has finally sold. As long as I’ve lived in Woodlawn (12 years as of last Friday) that lot has been vacant, used as a staging area for construction and... Read more »

Why Is There Always One Neighbor Who Won't Take Their Trash To The Alley?

Dear Lazy Neighbor, You are a dumb ass. Because you dump your household trash in the corner can instead of the dumpster in the alley, I’m sure Streets & San will take it away sometime soon. It’s because of lazy humps like you we got our original trash can taken away years ago. When our... Read more »

What Do You Do When Your Neighbor Won't Stop Throwing Parties?

The latest party last Saturday at the Metropolitan made one thing abundantly clear. The folks that run and own the place just don’t care about being good neighbors. They don’t care about having events without the proper licenses.  They don’t care about the lack of parking.  They don’t care about noisy party goers literally trashing... Read more »

For Profit Parties In A Non Profit Owned Building---Does Tragedy Have To Strike Before Something Is Done?

The parties at The Metropolitan are a disaster waiting to happen. Then of course I’ve felt that way for years—ever since the congregation that filled the former Metropolitan Apostolic Church moved to Bronzeville. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the late night parties across the street from my building. Depending on the night,... Read more »


Enough. I was tired of seeing Mt. Carmel’s lawn care workers make the litter problem worse by kicking trash into the street. So I took a trip downstairs to confront the perpetrator. The worker was standing on a riding mower so I had to wait a few minutes for him to get back down to... Read more »


There is little I can do about the litterers in my neighborhood. The fact that these pains in the ass have more respect for their rusted out ’86 Chevelles than the parkway is enough to drive me crazy. Clearly it’s okay to have a clean beater at the expense of the sidewalk. For those of... Read more »


Never underestimate the power of positive bitching.  The parkway has been cleaned.  Note the before and after pictures.

The Sunny Side Of The Street

While fans and guests of the IHSA Class 4 Boys Basketball Regional at Mt. Carmel High School enjoyed stunning views of a state of the art urban campus; those of us on “other” side of the fence weren’t so lucky.  It’s bad enough people make your neighborhood their personal rubbish heap.  It’s even worse when an... Read more »