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Divvy In Woodlawn? Who Knew?

Well there goes the neighborhood. While most folks would take a Divvy stand as a major step forward for their neighborhood, I’m cautiously optimistic as the new cell phone store a half block south is slated to open soon. One step forward + one step back = God only knows what this means for the... Read more »

Racial Missteps Aren’t Just For White People

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? We’ve all said something that was so breathtakingly racially or culturally insensitive, that you can barely believe it came out of your mouth. God knows I’ve made my fair number of embarrassing racial missteps. Like the time I told a blue eyed, blond haired Latina that she didn’t look... Read more »

The New York Times Wants Chicagoans Opinions On Mayor Emanuel

Ladies and gentlemen, someone—a powerful entity as a matter of fact—actually gives a flying fig about the opinion of average Chicagoans. The New York Times wants to know what we think about Mayor Emanuel. “New York Times reporters covering the Chicago mayoral race would like to hear from Chicago residents about their experiences living in... Read more »

Preservation Of Affordable Housing Group Eyes East Woodlawn Property

On February 5th, this happened: The look on my face was not one of happiness.  Clearly Mr. Eager had not read my previous posts on POAH from years past. According to my neighbors in West Woodlawn, their blocks are full of poorly managed properties with neglectful landlords who do little to no tenant screening. The... Read more »

Listen To Your Mother 2015: I'm In The Chicago Cast!

I got the news last week. I’m in! After an essay submission and an audition, I made the 2015 Chicago cast of Listen To Your Mother (LTYM).  I’m beyond excited to follow in the footsteps of several other ChicagoNow bloggers who are also LTYM alumnae. What exactly is Listen To Your Mother? From the LTYM... Read more »

I Admit It, I Mocked The Blizzard

I mocked our rather sizable blizzard because it really didn’t feel like a blizzard. It felt more like a bad storm. As a group, Chicagoans are used to unpredictable weather.  We don’t piss and moan about the cold weather here in Chicago because we understand that—well—we live in Chicago.  Residing here means that we have... Read more »

I Finally Have A Costco Memebership!

I Finally Have A Costco Memebership!
Let me be transparent and brutally honest here; I have a Costco problem. I love Costco.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Costco! Why? 1.  I can literally get everything in ONE place. 2.  The quality of the items are second to none. And the most important thing: 3.  I CAN BUY IN BULK!  (I’m so turning into... Read more »

Luck Be A Lady

Accepting the challenge of Chicago Now’s Blogapalooz-Hour of  “Writing about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable,” I had to flip through the mental Rolodex. What in my life is so remarkable or unexplainable that rises to the challenge of this exercise? Then it occurred to me—pretty much all of my... Read more »

The Boyfriend Chronicles: The Christmas Conundrum

Let me just get it out there:  My boyfriend has questionable taste in Christmas decorations. And when I say questionable, I mean the same taste as whomever selected, pruned and decorated our city Christmas tree. You see he’s a multi-colored flashing light type of guy (with a hideous star to match, Thank you very much)... Read more »

The Boyfriend Chronicles: The Power Shift

One day when I was starting breakfast I noticed it. My cat has started following my boyfriend around the house. This is huge. For those of you who have a cat you understand what a big thing this is.  For those of you who don’t have a cat, let me explain. Generally, when a cat... Read more »