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The Metropolitan Is Being Repaired

After years of significant deterioration, work is finally being done on the roof of the Metropolitan. I have no idea if the ownership of the building is still under TWO or has changed hands.  I’m not even sure why the building is being repaired at this time. But rest assured that I will start asking... Read more »

The Grass Gets Cut---FINALLY!

At the end of July I wrote a post about the overgrown grass at the TWO owned Metropolitan/Entry House building. Believe it or not (and I’m sure it was a coincidence) the grass finally got cut a few days after the post was published. Thank God. It wasn’t the best lawn job but at least... Read more »

Will Negative Press About Leon Finney Spur Positive Change For Woodlawn?

This week has seen two excellent articles by Angela Caputo and Antonio Olivo on Leon Finney and his Woodlawn Organization. If you haven’t read them yet, I strongly urge you to do so. Angela is not only a reporter at the Chicago Reporter, but a part of their blogging partnership for ChicagoNow. As a matter of... Read more »

What Do You Do When Your Neighbor Won't Stop Throwing Parties?

The latest party last Saturday at the Metropolitan made one thing abundantly clear. The folks that run and own the place just don’t care about being good neighbors. They don’t care about having events without the proper licenses.  They don’t care about the lack of parking.  They don’t care about noisy party goers literally trashing... Read more »

For Profit Parties In A Non Profit Owned Building---Does Tragedy Have To Strike Before Something Is Done?

The parties at The Metropolitan are a disaster waiting to happen. Then of course I’ve felt that way for years—ever since the congregation that filled the former Metropolitan Apostolic Church moved to Bronzeville. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the late night parties across the street from my building. Depending on the night,... Read more »