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More Kitten Cuteness

Mama standing guard over her brood.
Yes the story is coming. But let’s face it, can you ever see enough cute kitten pictures? Related Posts:  Woodlawn Stories: A Cat Is Trying To Adopt Me Neighborhood Stray Cat Has Kitten:  Cuteness Ensues     If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook

Neighborhood Stray Cat Has Kittens, Cuteness Ensues

The stray cat had four kittens; the dark gray one on the left, a lighter gray one on the right and two that look to be of similar coats so I call them the twins.
Remember the cat who was trying to adopt me?  Well I just discovered that she had kittens. Damn cat. The story about these young kittens is very entertaining but not nearly as entertaining as these pictures. For the time being just enjoy the cuteness, the story is coming.   If you liked this post, “like”... Read more »

Woodlawn Stories: A Cat Is Trying To Adopt Me

I have a new visitor who is trying to move into my home. He’s (she’s?) so cute and keeps showing up at my back door mewing for food, a warm place to sleep and love. Unfortunately for Mr. (Ms?) Cat I can barely feed the feline that already DOES live with me.  Might I add... Read more »