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Unemployment Stories: Why I Don't Go To Food Pantries

Yesterday, a friend and I were discussing the proposed cuts to the SNAP program passed by the House of Representatives a few days ago. During our conversation she commented that a new food pantry had opened in Uptown and attracted a sizable crowd on its first day.  She later went on to say that in... Read more »

Foreclosure Stories: The $20,000 Loan

I had a potential deal on the table to purchase my condo for $20,000. The only problem was that I didn’t have that kind of money.  Actually let me rephrase that, I didn’t have any money. I’m still “in-between jobs” and what assets I had were depleted long ago. In case you didn’t know, banks... Read more »

Foreclosure Stories: My Home Is Worth $20,000

The south and west sides are ground zero for mortgage fraud in Chicago.  Wave after wave of foreclosures and vacant or half finished buildings have decimated property values. If you have the available money, you could take about $100,000 and literally buy a city block in certain neighborhoods. That’s how much the property values have... Read more »

Unemployment: A Video Perspective

He’s right, it really is hard to keep fighting the good fight where unemployment is concerned. 30 Years and Counting nails it—especially his short with all of those annoying cringe worthy questions that are asked of the unemployed. A more detailed post is in the works.

Can Metal Scavengers Give A True Glimpse Into The Health Of The Economy?

Despite reports that hiring is up, unemployment is down and that the economy is slowly crawling its way back, what I see on the streets seems to prove otherwise. Last week when I was beginning my daily commute, I noticed a red pick up truck slowing down and backing up across the street from where... Read more »

My Christmas Story

It was the cat that caught my eye. The yellow cat wandering around the back of the car amid suitcases and duffle bags, looking for a comfortable place to settle down for a nap. The car was packed from floor to ceiling with the belonging of the occupants. A man and a woman strapped into... Read more »

Economic Insecurity: Financial Stability Is Elusive When You’re Always Getting Laid Off

Two weeks ago I was told that I would lose my contracting job in the suburbs. My last day is this Friday. And yes, the timing absolutely sucks. The beginning of December is not a time when employers are clamoring at the gates to initiate the hiring process.  So it may be a little while... Read more »

Is The Housing & Foreclosure Crisis Really Over?

If you listen to the news, much has been said about our country’s slow & fragile recovery from the “great recession.” But I seriously wonder how much recovery is actually going on. Things seem to be getting better:  You hear announcements about job growth and upticks in consumer spending, yet I personally know that corporate lay offs... Read more »

Notes From Maria Pappas

When Maria Pappas sends you a registered letter from the Cook County Treasurer’s office, it is often in your best interest to open it right away. ‘Cause she ain’t sending you a thank you note. When the notice of my delinquent taxes arrived, my financial situation was worsening every day. There were no immediate job... Read more »

The (Property) Tax Man

My recent unemployment wasn’t without incredible stories, I just didn’t feel like writing them down—until now. I noticed them immediately. While sitting in a parked car in isn’t odd behavior, it is when you’re sitting taking notes and taking pictures. This behavior is even more disconcerting when you’re pointing the camera lens at my condo... Read more »