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Farewell Jessica McClintock

It’s no secret that I despise most of what’s being passed off as prom dresses these days. No need to beat that horse. Last week, the news of Jessica McClintock—the famous prom dress designer—calling it quits in late 2013 after forty plus years in the business, left a little hole in my heart. Or should... Read more »

Prom Season Is Upon Us

A sampling of what we may see for the well dressed young man for the 2013 prom season.
Prom Season 2013 is nearly upon us.  As I passed by my local seamstress’ shop, I saw this offering in the window. Am I hopelessly traditional in my formal wear tastes or is avant garde all the rage on the south side this year?   If you enjoyed this gallery, please join I Hate My... Read more »

Prom Dresses: Schools Have To Enforce Standards Because Parents Won't

With all due respect to my blogging sister Jenna over at High Gloss and Sauce,  someone  should be policing prom fashion because clearly some parents have fallen down on the job. And if that someone happens to be a principal, dance chaperone or other duly appointed  adult it doesn’t make them skeezy; it makes them... Read more »