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Is It Gardening Time Yet?

Is it time to plant something?   As you can see, I’m a little eager to get going.  Is anyone else fighting an urge to get out and dig in the dirt?  Or start your seeds way too early? It can’t be just me can it?   If you liked this post, “like” I Hate... Read more »

Halloween Craft Fail

The above picture is an example of a Halloween craft fail. For a quasi-crafty person such as myself, this is unacceptable.  Plus I’m a big fan of finishing what I started. I bought the craft pumpkin and the plain skull.  I already has the glitter, the owl and the rest of the stuff in my... Read more »

The 63rd Street Metra Refurbish: It Ain't New, But It's Better Than What It Was

View of the inbound platform with new wooden planks.
The 63rd Street Metra station has been wasting away for quite some time. Rotting wooden boards.  Slippery stairs.  Railings that made you feel as if you would need a tetanus shot—you name it, it was in a state of disrepair at the 63rd Street station. And oy, those leaky shelters. I’m not sure if Metra... Read more »

Squirrels: Garden Terrorists

People usually think I’m a little crazy when I rant about how squirrels *aren’t* a gardeners best friend. I’ve had years of experience trying to keep the little beasts from my container gardens.  Bedding plants thrown hither and yon, containers rooted through, candy bars hidden in my boxes—it’s all par for the course. I won’t... Read more »

Garden Stories: The Tomatoes Are In

After a summer of zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers and jalapenos the stars of the show are finally producing. The tomatoes are in. The picture above is what I harvested today from the back garden.  With all of the produce that has been coming in, my kitchen and dining room look like a farm stand. Luckily,... Read more »

The Backyard Garden: What A Difference Two Months Makes

The backyard garden on 5/31/14   Overview of the back yard garden that used to be four abandoned vacant lots.   The backyard garden on 7/31/14   The pictures don’t even do it justice.   If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box and... Read more »

Backyard Garden Timeline

5/7---Turning over the garden bed and amending the soil by adding mushroom compost.
Much like the Jackson Park Garden, the backyard garden has been a labor of love mixed in with a great deal of hard work. Here is this growing season’s timeline through pictures. If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box and click the “create... Read more »

Gang Graffiti: Should The Neighborhood Be Concerned?

I was out early yesterday morning and saw this bus bench defaced with gang graffiti a block from my home.  In my nearly 13 years of living in Woodlawn, this is the first significant tagging I've ever witnessed.
Early yesterday I noticed something I’ve never noticed before in my part of Woodlawn—an overdose of gang graffiti on a bus bench. It seemed like there were warnings to “Maui town” and  “Hoodgang” to “Lee (leave?) block or get shot.”   Is this the foreshadowing of a gang war off of Stony Island or am I... Read more »

Jackson Park Garden Timeline

5/31---Starting out.  The Jackson Park (or East Garden) plots before weeding.
The Jackson Park garden—otherwise known as the East Garden—has come a long way since I went over to weed the plots on May 31st.  This is a timeline through pictures.   If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription”... Read more »

Jackson Park Playlot Gets A Makeover

Sign on the front of the Jackson Park play lot.  The equipment was long overdue to be replaced.
The play lot at Jackson Park at Stony Island and 64th Street has needed a makeover for some time. This summer the refresh with all new playground equipment has finally happened. Actually, both play lots in Jackson Park (there’s one at 56th & Stony) have received new playground equipment.  It appears that the 56th Street... Read more »