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Horrible Choices Children Make May Not Be The Parent's Fault

In the past month, the following incidents have made headlines: Another school shooting and suicide. A young man effectively walking away from a multiple victim DUI vehicular homicide. A young man allegedly arranging the murder for hire of his mother. A young woman allegedly participating in a robbery where she became the fatality. A young... Read more »

Now I Know Why Moms Drink And Swear

Raising children can be hard work and endless self sacrifice. Which is exactly why I don’t do it. Nonetheless, understand two things about me:  The first is that I know what you parents are doing is hard work—I truly (somewhat) get it.  The second is that despite my understanding of how challenging it is to... Read more »

Prom Dresses: Schools Have To Enforce Standards Because Parents Won't

With all due respect to my blogging sister Jenna over at High Gloss and Sauce,  someone  should be policing prom fashion because clearly some parents have fallen down on the job. And if that someone happens to be a principal, dance chaperone or other duly appointed  adult it doesn’t make them skeezy; it makes them... Read more »