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Unemployment Ends Today: I'm Tired of Congress Playing With My Life

I am one of the estimated 1.3 million Americans that will lose their unemployment today. To be truthful, I’m over it. I’m over my case of chronic joblessness. I’m over interviewing.  I’m over explaining what I do to well meaning friends.  I’m over the rejection.  I’m over being blown off by friends of friends who... Read more »

A Crafty Christmas---Unemployment Edition

Christmas 2010 found me desperately broke but with a hot glue gun and an overabundance of ornaments.  After modifying an Eddie Ross tutorial, this is an example of the ornament wreaths that I now create.
Yes, I’m still unemployed. Yes, Congress did not see fit to extend unemployment benefits prior to their holiday break. Yes, that means Christmas is just a little more stressful than usual.  Because who doesn’t like worrying about how to pay utilities during winter in Chicago? What’s a woman to do? Get an industrial strength glue... Read more »

Arrangement Finders, Billboards & Sweet Young Things: Take a Lesson from Beyonce

I could give a flying fig about Arrangement Finders new billboard in River North. (photo NBC 5 Chicago) Clearly by all of the publicity, it’s already done it’s job (pun intended). People have been bartering, negotiating and selling sex for millennia.  That will never change no matter how many laws are passed or sermons given.... Read more »

My Christmas Story

It was the cat that caught my eye. The yellow cat wandering around the back of the car amid suitcases and duffle bags, looking for a comfortable place to settle down for a nap. The car was packed from floor to ceiling with the belonging of the occupants. A man and a woman strapped into... Read more »

The Loan

This post was originally published on September 6, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Well here’s where it gets interesting folks. We need money to get the porch project started but it would seem that we may not be the best credit risk at this point. Let’s go over what we know so far:... Read more »

London Bridge

This post was originally published on September 6, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 When I think of the children’s song “London Bridge is Falling Down” I tend to think of our back porches. To put it mildly, our porches are a Lincoln Park tragedy waiting to happen. For those of your not in... Read more »

Back On Track---Fight The Power, Part II

This post was originally published on August 29th, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Our association budget seemed like the pretty standard condo budget. Water bills here, gas bill there—that type of thing. Yet upon closer inspection it seemed like a few line items were out of hand. The number one item that caught... Read more »


My condo association has been through hell over the past eight years. Crumbling back porches, special assessments, digging ourselves out a financial hole, multiple foreclosures—we’ve seen it all. Yet despite the drama and the infighting, we’ve managed to keep it together—barely. Still greater challenges loom ahead, obstacles that once again seem insurmountable.  Putting together a... Read more »