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Stop Doing The Food Stamp Challenge!

Journalists have done the food stamp challenge. Government officials have done the food stamp challenge. CEO’s have done the food stamp challenge. Bloggers have done the food stamp challenge. Celebrities have done the food stamp challenge. We get it, you’re “concerned” about people on food assistance.  You’re so concerned that you think that these “challenges”... Read more »

Luck Be A Lady

Accepting the challenge of Chicago Now’s Blogapalooz-Hour of  “Writing about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable,” I had to flip through the mental Rolodex. What in my life is so remarkable or unexplainable that rises to the challenge of this exercise? Then it occurred to me—pretty much all of my... Read more »

The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: Criminal Justice System 101

You always think that drunk driving is someone else’s problem. You’re disgusted by the wrong way drivers.  You feel a twinge when you see the horrific pictures of the aftermath.  You yourself may have even driven home—feeling perfectly fine, mind you—after a few drinks. Drinking and driving is always someone else’s problem, until it happens... Read more »

The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: The Other Side Of The Story

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, holiday celebrations and parties will be in full swing. Sometimes, those parties end with people getting on the road who shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car.  We all know there is a cost.  Oft time that cost comes at the expense of someone’s life. It shouldn’t.  Drinking and... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: Things Fall Apart, Part 2

I tried.  I really, really tried. But I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t save my mother’s house. Prior to my her death, my sister and her children lived there and presently continue to do so. Circumstances—some known to me and some not—prevented the mortgage from being paid in a timely fashion.  Obviously in my state... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: Things Fall Apart

At the end of the summer in 1979 my mother, my sister and I came home to a big SOLD sign in the front yard of our home. Unbeknownst to us, our landlord had sold the only home my sister and I knew to the hospital across the street.  I have no idea how my... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: What Link Doesn't Cover

I am usually in a state of interview readiness. I never know when I’ll get a call for an in person interview or to meet with a recruiter. The professional clothes I have are clean (for now), pressed and hanging in my closet.  Yet maintaining this state of constant readiness comes at a cost—an honest... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: I Am The New Face Of Food Stamps

Earlier this year I became the recipient of an Illinois Link card. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Link card (or EBT card) is the modern replacement for food stamps. That is how I’ve been able to feed myself since unemployment was cut off in late December of 2013. The process of applying... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: The Judgment Of Others

It has been very difficult to share my unemployment stories. I’m not used to being vulnerable.  Even if I didn’t take the time and sit down to post these stories I’d still feel exposed. For some reason at this juncture of my life, I feel people’s silent judgments and condemnations. For the most part it... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: Bad Days And Dark Places

I know I’m not a failure. Yet despite my best efforts to beat unemployment, I can’t help but to feel like my life is slipping into an abyss that I’m powerless to stop. Let me assure you how horrible a feeling that is.  It’s a dark place.  One I’m finding myself having trouble pulling myself... Read more »