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The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: Someone Dies

The worst imaginable thing happened after the DUI accident that my family member caused. Someone died. A mother gone because of a stupid, selfish decision to drink and drive. The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: The Other Side Of The Story The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: Criminal Justice System 101 And because... Read more »

The High Cost Of Drinking And Driving: Criminal Justice System 101

You always think that drunk driving is someone else’s problem. You’re disgusted by the wrong way drivers.  You feel a twinge when you see the horrific pictures of the aftermath.  You yourself may have even driven home—feeling perfectly fine, mind you—after a few drinks. Drinking and driving is always someone else’s problem, until it happens... Read more »

The Five Types Of People Who Turned Me Into A 20% Tipper

I have had the pleasure of being served by some of the best professionals the hospitality industry in our city has to offer. When I was enjoying their prompt, courteous and brilliant service, I thought I was a good tipper.  Let me assure you—I was not. Did they ever say a word?  Nope. Did I... Read more »

Brooke Kimbrough And The Teachable Moment

I had a reality check thanks to a disappointed seventeen year old in Michigan. And I’m a better woman for it. Brooke Kimbrough is a Detroit high school senior who when rejected by the University of Michigan, staged a protest criticizing the University’s admissions policies as racist. Despite her high grades and decent ACT score,... Read more »

Good Gardening News And Bad Gardening News

Finally!  A plot out back in our little community garden.
The garden out back continues to grow thanks to the hard work of my neighbor Hank. If anyone thinks gardening is a leisurely pursuit, they clearly have never cleared a foundation left by an old building by hand in the blazing sun. Anyone who is a regular reader of this blog already knows the immense... Read more »

I Don't Care If The French Won't Come To The South Side

I could give a flying fig that the French government advises its citizens against going south of 59th Street. Luckily, I’m not offended that a sovereign state is trying to “go in” on the south side.  Frankly it’s par for the course.  At least the French have the stones to actually say it instead of... Read more »

The Girl In The Window

One of my little neighbors has taken quite an interest in me. She always opens up the window to say hello.  She always waves and tells me how much she likes my flowers. I once caught her sitting eating a bowl of cereal in her darkened dining room staring across the breezeway into my darkened... Read more »

Foreclosure Stories: My Mortgage Gets Sold

Just because I wasn’t paying my mortgage didn’t mean that I didn’t have contact with my mortgage servicer. They called dutifully—in some cases up to four or five times a day—to get me to pay my past due balance. I was truthful with them. Since they couldn’t make a reduction in my payments, there was... Read more »

Notes From Maria Pappas

When Maria Pappas sends you a registered letter from the Cook County Treasurer’s office, it is often in your best interest to open it right away. ‘Cause she ain’t sending you a thank you note. When the notice of my delinquent taxes arrived, my financial situation was worsening every day. There were no immediate job... Read more »

The (Property) Tax Man

My recent unemployment wasn’t without incredible stories, I just didn’t feel like writing them down—until now. I noticed them immediately. While sitting in a parked car in isn’t odd behavior, it is when you’re sitting taking notes and taking pictures. This behavior is even more disconcerting when you’re pointing the camera lens at my condo... Read more »