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Foreclosure Stories: The End

My mortgage nightmare was coming to an end. After being deeply underwater as property values in Woodlawn continued to decline, I had made an offer to purchase my condo for $20,000 and found a friend to finance the deal. Despite the fact that things were falling into place, I was still up against a big... Read more »

Unemployment & The Mid-Term Elections

For about five weeks this summer I had no money coming in. The bill to extended unemployment benefits had stalled in the Senate causing me and several million of my fellow Americans to lose the only form of income we had. Frankly speaking, I consider myself lucky that I only lost my benefits for five... Read more »

Foreclosure Follies: Hello, Congress?

Foreclosure Follies:  Hello, Congress?
I know I’m not the only one who’s going through hard times. But it might be nice if congress got off their a*ses and extended unemployment benefits—soon.  And when I mean soon I mean within the next three weeks. I checked my unemployment account and that $752.00 I have isn’t going to last long. What... Read more »