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Is Woodlawn Real Estate Development Finally Making A Comeback?

Is Woodlawn Real Estate Development Finally Making A Comeback?
After sitting empty for nearly a decade, the trio of buildings that I’ve lovingly nicknamed the Three Sisters, are being marketed for sale. Clearly, the proximity to the Obama Library complex is a strong selling point, as are the luxury finishes listed on the website.  It has been noted that the real estate recovery has... Read more »

2016 DIY #HomeImprovementGoals

I've had these paint chips for months and am still going back and forth on the right color.
My ornaments were barely packed away downstairs when I had to start thinking about one big unfinished project and a few minor ones. No, the painting has yet to start.  And no, I still don’t know how to do prep or sand down the patching. Acquiring the knowledge, getting the supplies and borrowing the tools... Read more »

An Imperfect Holiday

An Imperfect Holiday
I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t have a perfectly styled home for the holidays. Scratch that—it won’t even be painted. Of course I had a grand plan.  The fireplace was to be taken out, walls were going to be patched and then I’d get most everything painted. As the saying goes, the... Read more »

My Ikea Vittsjo Hack

Black-brown Ikea Vittsjo shelves in their natural state.  A nice and functional base to start without the gold/brass finish that I'm looking to emulate.
I wanted new shelves. Not just any shelves, but shelves that looked like this. Shelves that be pretty and functional.  A place to mainly store books, keepsakes, pictures and other mementos. But then reality set in. The cost of a simple pair of metal shelves—whether they be rustic or a sophisticated etagere were staggering.  For... Read more »

Gardening 2015: From Seeds To Seedlings & Starting to Prep The Beds

East facing view of main garden including the newly dug potato beds.
Fun fact:  Prepping the beds means picking up the dog poo left over by lazy owners who let their dogs run free in the garden.     If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is... Read more »

Gardening 2015: Starting The Seeds

The snow is barely off of the ground, but I’m trying my hand at starting vegetables from seed. Inside, of course. Yesterday I took the seeds I’ve been holding since January and made my first attempt at growing vegetables the old fashioned way.   Well, the old fashioned way with a twist. I’m using  a terrarium... Read more »

Another Condo Unit Is About To Go Rental

Here we go again. Yesterday  I found out that my downstairs neighbors have received an offer for their condo unit and will be moving out this Saturday. I very much understand their reasons for moving—ease of commute, being closer to their children’s daycare and the wife’s job—I get it.  My cause for concern is when... Read more »

New Years Bedroom Makeover Challenge

My second bedroom is an absolute shit show. I mean look at that room.  Clearly it needs to be cleaned and organized. Because this will be my New Years/Spring 2014 main home improvement project, I’ll document the journey my extra space will take from shit show to functional. Stay tuned for the transformation. What will... Read more »

Now I Know Why Moms Drink And Swear

Raising children can be hard work and endless self sacrifice. Which is exactly why I don’t do it. Nonetheless, understand two things about me:  The first is that I know what you parents are doing is hard work—I truly (somewhat) get it.  The second is that despite my understanding of how challenging it is to... Read more »

Foreclosure Stories: The End

My mortgage nightmare was coming to an end. After being deeply underwater as property values in Woodlawn continued to decline, I had made an offer to purchase my condo for $20,000 and found a friend to finance the deal. Despite the fact that things were falling into place, I was still up against a big... Read more »