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Come Out And Get Some Chili This Saturday!

For some reason I’ve really been caught up in entering cooking and baking contests. Since August, I’ve entered (and placed) in two competitions.  So when I heard about a chili contest I knew I had to toss my hat in the ring for that one as well. The 9th Annual Crew Bar and Grill Charity... Read more »

The Salsa Contest: The Unexpected Happens

Telling my boyfriend that the salsa and dip contest was in gay bar was the least of my concerns as walked in the bar on competition day. He raised his eyebrows a little, asked a few more questions about the bar and joked that he would be glued by my side but for the most... Read more »

The Salsa Contest

I celebrated a birthday this past weekend. Since I’m halfway between milestone birthdays there was no excuse to have a huge gathering but I did want to do something to mark the occasion. But what? What does a middle aged woman do to mark the anniversary of her birth? Then I saw it. The call... Read more »