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10 Signs That I'm Becoming A Black Woman Of A Certain Age

Unlike most of my contemporaries, I very much look forward to my next milestone birthday. I love that I’m becoming a woman of a certain age. Which is a nice way of saying that I’m becoming an old broad.  Considering the alternative, I’m perfectly fine with aging. Yet, despite my soul’s best efforts to continue... Read more »

Adventures in Oral Therapy: The Masque Challenge

I’ve been trying to get women to open up (literally) and help me with an experiment regarding blow jobs but its been rather challenging. For all of the talk in our culture about blow jobs, you would think I would have been able to find willing participants to help me out with the Masque taste... Read more »

On The List

My doctor, Leslie Ramirez, is a rock star.   I’ve been going to her for years. I’ve heard horror stories of uncaring, unsympathetic doctors who have the bedside manor of Gregory House. Luckily for me, Leslie is not that type of doctor. When I met her out socially a few months ago she asked me why... Read more »

And Thank You For Your Support

My Bloggie “Best Kept Secret” finalist nod earlier this year got me jonesin’ for more online glory. So the quest continues for internet props and (hopefully) swag via the Black Weblog Awards. In case my love of Tory Burch and gardening didn’t give away the fact that I’m black, perhaps my profile picture and the... Read more »

Back In The Day

I had fun on the ChicagoNow radio program last Saturday.  Sarah Spain certainly did her research based on my ChicagoNow posts and was 100% prepared. I thought we had a good conversation but I could have stayed on for at least an hour with the stories I have to tell.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll be asked... Read more »

On The Radio

In case you missed my ChicagoNow/WGN 720 AM radio debut, here’s the link to the podcast. 

ChicagoNow Radio

The good folks at ChicagoNow Radio invited me up for a chat tomorrow to talk about the blog. I truly don’t think they know what they’re getting themselves into. I did promise several people that I’d refrain from profanities when discussing my developer, so things should be fairly tame. Nonetheless I’ll be talking about bad condominium... Read more »