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Unemployment Stories: Bad Days And Dark Places

I know I’m not a failure. Yet despite my best efforts to beat unemployment, I can’t help but to feel like my life is slipping into an abyss that I’m powerless to stop. Let me assure you how horrible a feeling that is.  It’s a dark place.  One I’m finding myself having trouble pulling myself... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: Mental Exhaustion

Tonight a fellow blogger vented about her trying 2014 thus far: “I should feel grateful and blessed, but honestly, I’m tired of dealing with bad surprises. I’m tired of being in a constant state of shock, worry, and panic in my life over my husband and our income and employment and pets and possessions and... Read more »

Uninsured, Unemployed & Obamacare: The Conclusion

My journey with the Affordable Care Act—or Obamacare—has been an exhausting one. Yet as most of you know, it wasn’t easy.  Let’s review: After submitting an application on, I was told that the information wasn’t transferred to the state level and had to start all over again. I only found out that I had... Read more »

My HealthCare Journey Before Obamacare: Financial Assistance

Do you want to know one of the best kept secrets in healthcare pre Obamacare—excuse me—I mean pre Affordable Care Act? Some, if not most health care systems, have some type of financial assistance available for those of us who have no insurance. How else do you think those medical bills for my yearly check... Read more »

Brooke Kimbrough And The Teachable Moment

I had a reality check thanks to a disappointed seventeen year old in Michigan. And I’m a better woman for it. Brooke Kimbrough is a Detroit high school senior who when rejected by the University of Michigan, staged a protest criticizing the University’s admissions policies as racist. Despite her high grades and decent ACT score,... Read more »

Unemployment Ends Today: I'm Tired of Congress Playing With My Life

I am one of the estimated 1.3 million Americans that will lose their unemployment today. To be truthful, I’m over it. I’m over my case of chronic joblessness. I’m over interviewing.  I’m over explaining what I do to well meaning friends.  I’m over the rejection.  I’m over being blown off by friends of friends who... Read more »

A Crafty Christmas---Unemployment Edition

Christmas 2010 found me desperately broke but with a hot glue gun and an overabundance of ornaments.  After modifying an Eddie Ross tutorial, this is an example of the ornament wreaths that I now create.
Yes, I’m still unemployed. Yes, Congress did not see fit to extend unemployment benefits prior to their holiday break. Yes, that means Christmas is just a little more stressful than usual.  Because who doesn’t like worrying about how to pay utilities during winter in Chicago? What’s a woman to do? Get an industrial strength glue... Read more »

Unemployed, Uninsured & Obamacare: 3rd Try Is The Charm

After two tries to create an account on last Thursday (10/3), the third try on Sunday (10/6) proved to be the charm. I was asked to create a Marketplace account at 10:25 PM (CST)   Everything seemed pretty standard.  Create a username and password.  So far, so good.  No timeouts.   The typical security... Read more »

Unemployed, Uninsured & Obamacare: My 1st and 2nd Tries

Last Thursday evening I started the process to secure health insurance on for coverage under the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare).  This is a timeline of what happened. Related Post:  The Unemployed, The Uninsured and Obamacare Uninsured, Unemployed & Obamacare:  3rd Try Is The Charm Uninsured, Unemployed & Obamacare:  Don’t Lose Your ID or... Read more »

My Healthcare Journey Before Obamacare

Being uninsured sucks. It sucks even more when you are in your mid forties and unemployed. Yet, as we’ve all been told, in order to remain healthy you have to have your yearly exams—preventative maintenance for your body.  A tune up so to speak. In case you didn’t know, unemployment = COBRA.  COBRA = Expensive... Read more »