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Redmoon Theatre Seeking Community Groups For The Great Chicago Fire Festival

Looking to positively represent your neighborhood to the rest of the city? Redmoon Theater is giving community based organizations a opportunity to do just that. This is a unique experience to not only receive free arts programming but to partner with Redmoon Theater and the city’s department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. The proposal... Read more »

Trayvon Martin As A Halloween Costume

Trayvon Martin As A Halloween Costume
Saturday night on Twitter I ran across the picture to the left. The tandem costume, complete with blackface, portrayed Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman as a part of Greg Cimeno (Zimmerman) and William Filene’s (Martin) Halloween festivities. Until several hours ago, it was also Mr. Cimeno’s profile picture. Clearly he was very excited to show... Read more »

CTA South Branch Red Line Shutdown: 47th Street Late Night Service Neglected

“I’m really not happy that the CTA is peeing on my leg and telling me that it’s raining.” -Artistmac Sometimes it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one who can see the forest through the trees. Fellow south sider Artistmac not only gives you his take of the CTA south branch red line... Read more »

When You Refuse My Invitation Because Of My Neighborhood, I Take It Personally

I am acutely aware of where I live. I realize that the name Woodlawn doesn’t spring to most people’s minds when it comes to naming one of Chicago’s choicest neighborhoods. I know the south and west sides are awash in violence.  And yes, some of that violence occurs in Woodlawn. As I’ve stated previously, I... Read more »

Prom Season Is Upon Us

A sampling of what we may see for the well dressed young man for the 2013 prom season.
Prom Season 2013 is nearly upon us.  As I passed by my local seamstress’ shop, I saw this offering in the window. Am I hopelessly traditional in my formal wear tastes or is avant garde all the rage on the south side this year?   If you enjoyed this gallery, please join I Hate My... Read more »

Is This What Should Have Happened To The Wilding Teens On Michigan Avenue?

Please be advised that the video below is graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences. The young women above were disciplined by their father for allegedly taping and distributing “twerking” videos on Facebook. I know few fathers that would encourage their daughters to behave in such a manner.  I know even... Read more »

Foreclosure Stories: The End

My mortgage nightmare was coming to an end. After being deeply underwater as property values in Woodlawn continued to decline, I had made an offer to purchase my condo for $20,000 and found a friend to finance the deal. Despite the fact that things were falling into place, I was still up against a big... Read more »

A Big Girl Saves The Day

I am not a small woman. Even when I weighed less, I wasn’t what anyone would describe as small.   And you know what?  I’m okay with that. I take up space.  I exist.  You see me.  I stopped being uncomfortable with that notion a long time ago.  Professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reese sums it up... Read more »

A Lesson In Career Mobility From A Dollar Tree Associate, Part 2

When the story left off, Timothy was not very happy with my career advice regarding his sought after promotion at Dollar Tree. The irony of the whole situation is that I completely understand where he’s coming from. As most readers of this blog know, I’m in the middle of searching for employment myself.  Searching for... Read more »

How Humor Got Me Out Of A Racially Charged Situation or The Best Whitey Ruuska Story Ever!

Some years ago I was in a supermarket in Warsaw, Indiana. I had gone along with the Ruuska family from their nearby lake house for provisions for a picnic. Plus we had run out of beer. Everyone knows that lake houses and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. So there I was standing... Read more »