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The Metropolitan Is Being Repaired

After years of significant deterioration, work is finally being done on the roof of the Metropolitan. I have no idea if the ownership of the building is still under TWO or has changed hands.  I’m not even sure why the building is being repaired at this time. But rest assured that I will start asking... Read more »

The Metropolitan And The Woodlawn Organization Are A Hazard To My Neighborhood

I’m officially done with the the Woodlawn Organization and their building The Metropolitan. DONE! First it was open doors that allowed access to the building, now it’s an open perimeter along the back of the property.   Anyone can easily nestle themselves into its various nooks and crannies. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the... Read more »

The Metropolitan Goes From Bad To Worse

The east side of the former Metropolitan building on the south west corner of 65th Street & Blackstone Avenue.  Note the crumbling gutters and roof.
It seems like the proverbial writing is on the wall for the TWO (The Woodlawn Organization) owned Metropolitan.  The troubled building can add a few new items on its list of woes—falling gutters and roof. This winter has been decidedly harsh.  As freezing temperatures give way to the spring thaw and eventually torrents of water,... Read more »

Vacant Building + High School Kids = Trouble

I’ve written extensively about the Woodlawn Organization owned vacant Metropolitan building for years. In its former incarnations the building was once the former Loretto Academy, Christ Apostolic Church and most recently Entry House which ceased operations a few years ago.  Since then it’s been sitting empty. And an empty building is never a good thing... Read more »

Vacant Woodlawn Organization Owned Building Back In Court On Tuesday

The back view of the Metropolitan building annex as seen from Blackstone Avenue.
The Woodlawn Organization owned building—the former Metropolitan—will be back in housing court on Tuesday, December 10th. How do I know? I ran into the building inspector who was inspecting the property last Thursday morning. Honestly, this news doesn’t surprise me. The fact that the property has an open door and is accessible to anyone who... Read more »

The Grass Gets Cut---FINALLY!

At the end of July I wrote a post about the overgrown grass at the TWO owned Metropolitan/Entry House building. Believe it or not (and I’m sure it was a coincidence) the grass finally got cut a few days after the post was published. Thank God. It wasn’t the best lawn job but at least... Read more »

A Woodlawn Organization Owned Building Falls Into Neglect

The unkempt front of the Woodlawn Organization owned Metropolitan.  The entrance has been boarded up for some time.
The building that housed the Woodlawn Organization’s Entry House has been neglected since the program’s closing. Since the program was  shuttered in early 2012; the building now known as the Metropolitan, sits empty with plywood covering the front doors.  Overgrown grass and weeds dominate the property. Related Posts: TWO Gas Bill Woes Will Negative Press... Read more »

TWO Gas Bill Woes

This natural gas shut off notice has been up on the TWO owned building  that once housed the Metropolitan & Entry House for a few weeks. What you may not be able to make out due to the quality of the picture is the past due amount owed for the building. $24, 647.63 As one... Read more »

The Woodlawn Organization Chronicals Continue

I knew about this story. And this story. But I didn’t know about this: Or this: So that’s why the 65th Street entrance of the Metropolitan, the building where Entry House is located, has been boarded up for the past few months. Questions answered. I guess I should start watching Channel 5 more often. The... Read more »

Will Negative Press About Leon Finney Spur Positive Change For Woodlawn?

This week has seen two excellent articles by Angela Caputo and Antonio Olivo on Leon Finney and his Woodlawn Organization. If you haven’t read them yet, I strongly urge you to do so. Angela is not only a reporter at the Chicago Reporter, but a part of their blogging partnership for ChicagoNow. As a matter of... Read more »