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Uninsured, Unemployed & Obamacare: The Conclusion

My journey with the Affordable Care Act—or Obamacare—has been an exhausting one. Yet as most of you know, it wasn’t easy.  Let’s review: After submitting an application on, I was told that the information wasn’t transferred to the state level and had to start all over again. I only found out that I had... Read more »

Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: The Twist

I had gone to and completed the marathon application process. I received my eligibility results the same day (October 16th). The State of Illinois called me approximately on December 16th. The representative left a voice mail check to see if I still was interested in the program and a phone number to call back... Read more »

Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: Eligibility Results

I'm told that I "may" be eligible for Illinois Family Care which is a fancy way of saying medicaid.
Almost immediately after finishing the marathon application at for the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare), my eligibility result became available. Apparently, I “might” be eligible for Illinois Family Care.  That’s medicaid for those of you who don’t know. The trouble was that I was no closer to understanding what my benefits were or if... Read more »

The True Fear Of Unemployment: Sink or Swim

On December 3rd, my state and federal unemployment benefits will be exhausted and I will receive my last check. Due to Illinois’ declining unemployment rate, the last 20 weeks of extended benefits have been eliminated. Part 1:  The True Fear of Unemployment Part 2:  The True Fear of Unemployment:  Anger Part 3:  The True Fear... Read more »

Unemployment Blues: The Department of Human Services

In order to get a feel for the environment at the Department of Human Services office located at the corner of 63rd & Ingleside, please watch the video below.     Conforming to stereotypes 101—class is in session. It’s important to understand the environment I had to walk into to ask for help.  Sometimes, mere... Read more »

4725 South Michigan: Mortgage Fraud Alleged By The State

Someone took note of my posts about the 4725 South Michigan condo association and suggested that I do some more searching. So I did. The renewed effort did not disappoint. The State of Illinois alleges that several individuals and real estate professionals were attempting to defraud various lenders to the tune of 7.7 million dollars.... Read more »

The Price of Foreclosure: An Education

The Price of Foreclosure:  An Education
My overdue trip to the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office finally happened. While I had been there many times before, this trip provided me with a quick education in the steps the state is taking to combat predatory lending. In my last post I mentioned that a few of the foreclosure files had a... Read more »