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I Hate People Who Don't Pick Up After Their Dogs

Let’s just put it out there—people who don’t pick up after their dogs are a*sholes. Scratch that.  They’re lazy self entitled a*sholes. And I’m not talking about people with mobility problems.  I’m talking about you able bodied pukes who can bend over and do the right thing but refuse to. Now that the snow has... Read more »

Why Would A White Person Move Into A Black Neighborhood?

Haven’t you ever wondered what motivates a white person to move into a black neighborhood? I have. As the weather breaks and long lost neighbors return to outdoor activities, I see my white neighbors and I start to wonder. I start to wonder about their personal story. I start to wonder how they found their... Read more »

Spring Cleaning and Organizing The Pantry? Ikea Has The Answer

Pantry view from the kitchen.
I couldn’t take it anymore. My kitchen pantry was—frankly speaking—a cesspool.  The oddly shaped space in my vintage building desperately needed organizing and accessible storage.   It was time to take a trip to Ikea. After sketching and measuring my space, a friend patiently helped me pick out pieces from the Algot system.  I needed storage... Read more »