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White Gentrification In Chicago: My Response

Yesterday, I posted a letter from a reader who was concerned about potentially gentrifying neighborhoods of color when she moves to Chicago. Her issue is that gentrification will raise rents and property values making it increasingly expensive for families who have been there for years—or in some cases generations–and they’ll be priced out of the... Read more »

White Gentrification In Chicago

Before anyone gets all huffy, the title of this post is exactly what was in the subject line of the email I received from a reader last month. How could I not open that email and take a look? The reader writes: Hi, I’ve been trying to research gentrification history in Chicago and came across... Read more »

Judgment Day, The Case of the Missing Numbers

In my last post, Snap Judgment me and Rational me were having a bit of a dust up. Snap Judgment me was highly skeptical of the new neighbors moving into the rehabbed building down the street; while Rational me was willing not to pre-judge. Yet as my sister pointed out during another conversation, being judgmental... Read more »

Judgment Day

My sister and I frequently discuss how judgmental I can be. It’s been an ongoing topic for years. She sees it as judgment; I see it as avoiding the potholes in the road before you bust an axle. And while we don’t see eye to eye, I’m honest about how I feel.  Now honestly doesn’t... Read more »