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Foreclosure Stories: The $20,000 Loan

I had a potential deal on the table to purchase my condo for $20,000. The only problem was that I didn’t have that kind of money.  Actually let me rephrase that, I didn’t have any money. I’m still “in-between jobs” and what assets I had were depleted long ago. In case you didn’t know, banks... Read more »

Can Metal Scavengers Give A True Glimpse Into The Health Of The Economy?

Despite reports that hiring is up, unemployment is down and that the economy is slowly crawling its way back, what I see on the streets seems to prove otherwise. Last week when I was beginning my daily commute, I noticed a red pick up truck slowing down and backing up across the street from where... Read more »

Unemployment & The Mid-Term Elections

For about five weeks this summer I had no money coming in. The bill to extended unemployment benefits had stalled in the Senate causing me and several million of my fellow Americans to lose the only form of income we had. Frankly speaking, I consider myself lucky that I only lost my benefits for five... Read more »

The (Property) Tax Man

My recent unemployment wasn’t without incredible stories, I just didn’t feel like writing them down—until now. I noticed them immediately. While sitting in a parked car in isn’t odd behavior, it is when you’re sitting taking notes and taking pictures. This behavior is even more disconcerting when you’re pointing the camera lens at my condo... Read more »

Non Tradition Markets, Non Traditional Clients, Part 2

Now you need the best and most nutrious bang for your buck.  Angel Food ( feeds a family at a fraction of the price than most retail grocery chains.
It’s official, WalMart has saturated every suburban and small town market in America. Then of course you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. As a result, WalMart have set their sights on other emerging retail markets.  Places where the competition is low, the populace is excited about a major retail presence... Read more »

Non Tradition Markets, Non Traditional Clients

You may have noticed that people tiptoe around issues of race in this country. And for good reason. One man’s joke is another man’s insult. Yet back in the day, Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live walked the line between brilliant satire and scathing commentary. I am nowhere near as gifted and funny as Mr.... Read more »