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My Conservative Problem, Quvenzhane Wallis, Facebook and The Onion

As of today, I have 459 friends on Facebook.  A good portion of them—I’m guessing 20-25%—have much different political views than mine. To be honest with you I didn’t think I had a problem with that. Or so I thought. Lately though I’m seeing another side of some of the people I call friend and... Read more »

Seven Deadly Sins: Anger - "Gun Violence In Chicago"

I am seething with anger over all of this shooting. On Sunday a man was shot in the head two blocks south of my home.  Yesterday five people were shot in the vicinity of a South Shore Currency Exchange. The gun violence in this city is out of control.  Scratch that—gun violence in Chicago was... Read more »

Illinois Concealed Carry: Perhaps It Isn't Such A Bad Idea

It pains me to agree with the NRA but I’ve got to support the passage of concealed carry in the state of Illinois. According to Chicago Tribune reporter Peter Nickeas‘ Twitter feed, the first ten days of March brought 51 people shot city wide with 9 of those shootings being fatal. It doesn’t take a... Read more »

Alderman Leslie Hairston To Hold Town Hall About Ominous Trend in G8 Security Measures

CORRECTION: The correct address for the International House is 1414 East 59th Street, not 54th Street as previously posted. Concerned about the lack of transparency and the permanent status of Mayor Emanuel’s proposed security measures for May’s G8 and NATO summits; Alderman Leslie Hairston will hold a town hall in conjunction with University of Chicago... Read more »

Chicago Plantation Politics---A Primer

In the early 1960s, a fresh-faced seminary student named Jesse Jackson came to Chicago, and, on the basis of a recommendation from North Carolina’s Democratic governor, Terry Sanford, won an audience with Daley I. The mayor was impressed with Jackson and offered him a job—as a toll collector. Jackson wanted something more substantial and instead... Read more »

The Arizona Tragedy: Keith Olbermann Sparks A Facebook Conversation with a Conservative

The Arizona Tragedy:  Keith Olbermann Sparks A Facebook Conversation with a Conservative
The following conversation occured yesterday as a result of me posting a Keith Olbermann clip on my Facebook page.  For clarity’s sake Mr. F. (the person I’m speaking to) is a conservative Facebook friend of mine from Ohio and we have frequent political discussions regarding numerous topics.  He despises Keith Olbermann, so the fact that he... Read more »