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Preservation Of Affordable Housing Group Eyes East Woodlawn Property

On February 5th, this happened: The look on my face was not one of happiness.  Clearly Mr. Eager had not read my previous posts on POAH from years past. According to my neighbors in West Woodlawn, their blocks are full of poorly managed properties with neglectful landlords who do little to no tenant screening. The... Read more »

Woodlawn Residents Challenge HUD and The City of Chicago

Woodlawn resident, particularly homeowners, are fed up with their voices not being considered in community planning. Currently the largest point of contention for some is the off site housing development component of the Grove Parc redevelopment plan. According to a recently launched petition at “In Chicago’s Woodlawn community there is currently a high concentration... Read more »

Woodlawn Residents Fight Back Against Marginalization and Bad Property Management

Despite the headlines highlighting the millions of dollars of help that Woodlawn will be receiving, some concerned neighbors are demanding accountability in the process. To underscore this point a letter was recently sent to the management of the Preservation of Affordable Housing, the lead developer in the Parc Grove redevelopment, regarding one of their other... Read more »

Woodlawn Is Finally Getting Help, But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Two separate initiatives are slated to address the blight of foreclosures and address the issue of affordable housing in “sub-sections” of Woodlawn. Locally, Mayor Emanuel has announced that the city will pilot the Micro Market Recovery program that will ” bring new ownership to 2,500 foreclosed homes over the next few years using up to... Read more »