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Woodlawn Is Finally Getting Help, But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Two separate initiatives are slated to address the blight of foreclosures and address the issue of affordable housing in “sub-sections” of Woodlawn. Locally, Mayor Emanuel has announced that the city will pilot the Micro Market Recovery program that will ” bring new ownership to 2,500 foreclosed homes over the next few years using up to... Read more »

The London Riots: The Big Picture

This London foolishness is jaw dropping.  By now the world has witnessed the wholesale destruction, the loss of property and the wanton lawlessness. What stands out to me amidst this unrest is that the rioters are destroying their own neighborhoods.  Unfortunately once those stores and houses are burned to the ground, there won’t be businesspeople lining... Read more »

Woodlawn Coffee Shops

Woodlawn Coffee Shops
The larger coffee purveyors have yet to set up shop in Woodlawn, but don’t despair if you have a hankerin’ for a cup of joe or a nosh; Robust Coffee Lounge and Backstory Cafe have got you covered.   My neighbor and I decided to to take a coffee tour of our immediate neighborhood to... Read more »