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Woodlawn Community Garden: A Progression In Pictures

View from my balcony of the ever expanding community garden in the back of my  building.
There are a lot of things right with Woodlawn. One of them happens to be right outside my back door. Over the past three seasons, my neighbor Hank Vogler, has meticulously and lovingly made a garden oasis out of four trash strewn lots. He took a shovel and started to dig. And soon, despite the... Read more »

The Community Garden Expands

It looks like the community garden is getting walled in.  I'm curious to see if it will be an actual wall or if it will turn into something else.  In any case, it's remarkable to watch it go up.
Gardening season may be behind us, but the community garden in back of my home keeps growing. The newest addition appears to be the beginning of a wall. I don’t know if he plans on enclosing the whole garden in or if he has some other grand design. Clearly, since the weather turned I don’t... Read more »

Urban Greening: Guerilla Gardening In Woodlawn, Part 2

The garden is all grown in.
The community garden in back of my home has grown in!

Urban Greening: Guerilla Gardening In Woodlawn

View of the garden beds from my back porch.
Some of my industrious and wonderful neighbors created theseĀ  garden beds from a neighborhood lot that’s been sitting vacant for some time. The land may belong to the city as they’re the ones who cut the grass in the summer. What used to be a place where homeless people camped, residents let their dogs run... Read more »