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Luck Be A Lady

Accepting the challenge of Chicago Now’s Blogapalooz-Hour of  “Writing about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable,” I had to flip through the mental Rolodex. What in my life is so remarkable or unexplainable that rises to the challenge of this exercise? Then it occurred to me—pretty much all of my... Read more »

Foreclosure Stories: The $20,000 Loan

I had a potential deal on the table to purchase my condo for $20,000. The only problem was that I didn’t have that kind of money.  Actually let me rephrase that, I didn’t have any money. I’m still “in-between jobs” and what assets I had were depleted long ago. In case you didn’t know, banks... Read more »

30 Days Of Thanksgiving: Thankful For Failure

Like many of you, I’m participating in the “30 Days of Thanksgiving” project; listing what I’m thankful for everyday on my Twitter account.  When I was thinking about today’s 30 Days post, it occurred to me that I neglected to be thankful for the gift of failure. Yes, failure. Family turmoil coupled with being laid... Read more »

The True Fear Of Unemployment: Hope

Hope is a fragile emotion. It is hope that sustains you when you’re unemployed. Hope nourishes your troubled spirit and your bruised ego as you look for work. Hope wakes you up every day to follow up on networking leads. Hope makes you apply for positions, practice your “elevator pitch” and make sure your interview... Read more »