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Stop Doing The Food Stamp Challenge!

Journalists have done the food stamp challenge. Government officials have done the food stamp challenge. CEO’s have done the food stamp challenge. Bloggers have done the food stamp challenge. Celebrities have done the food stamp challenge. We get it, you’re “concerned” about people on food assistance.  You’re so concerned that you think that these “challenges”... Read more »

The Boyfriend Chronicles: Seriously, How Can He Eat So Much Food?

I didn’t grow up with a man in my house.  My parents divorced when I was very young and I don’t have any brothers. While I was spared toilet seats being left up and icky boy smells, I was also thankfully spared watching massive amounts of food being consumed. That is until the boyfriend moved... Read more »

Come Out And Get Some Chili This Saturday!

For some reason I’ve really been caught up in entering cooking and baking contests. Since August, I’ve entered (and placed) in two competitions.  So when I heard about a chili contest I knew I had to toss my hat in the ring for that one as well. The 9th Annual Crew Bar and Grill Charity... Read more »

Unemployment Stories: Why I Don't Go To Food Pantries

Yesterday, a friend and I were discussing the proposed cuts to the SNAP program passed by the House of Representatives a few days ago. During our conversation she commented that a new food pantry had opened in Uptown and attracted a sizable crowd on its first day.  She later went on to say that in... Read more »