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Trayvon Martin As A Halloween Costume

Trayvon Martin As A Halloween Costume
Saturday night on Twitter I ran across the picture to the left. The tandem costume, complete with blackface, portrayed Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman as a part of Greg Cimeno (Zimmerman) and William Filene’s (Martin) Halloween festivities. Until several hours ago, it was also Mr. Cimeno’s profile picture. Clearly he was very excited to show... Read more »

Adventures in Oral Therapy: The Masque Challenge

I’ve been trying to get women to open up (literally) and help me with an experiment regarding blow jobs but its been rather challenging. For all of the talk in our culture about blow jobs, you would think I would have been able to find willing participants to help me out with the Masque taste... Read more »

Sir, Stop Hitting On My Boyfriend

Sunday I had the rare pleasure of spending time with my boyfriend. He works a great deal, so it’s rare that we actually get to spend time with each other on the weekends much less the luxury of watching a Bears game together. We went to a local bar a few blocks from his house.... Read more »

Caught By The Grammar Police

Dear Lisa Boucher Cabral, Thank you for serving as the grammar police and catching the errors in my last post. One of the hazards of putting your thoughts and opinions out for the world to see is that you open yourself up to scrutiny.  It’s part of the process that I fully embrace; mostly because... Read more »

Blackhawks Fever: Chasing The Stanley Cup Is Best Left To Young(er) People

God my head hurts. And my mouth is dry.  And I have seemingly lost my will to live. All from attempting to find the Stanley Cup Tuesday night. After being the model of responsibility on Monday night and staying in to watch game six, I got the crazy idea in my head to attempt to... Read more »

Good Luck Getting A Cab To The South Side: Why Discriminatory Cab Drivers Have Got To Go

Dear Discriminatory Cab Drivers of Chicago, Consider this your official notice that I will not tolerate your foolishness any longer. Because your behavior on Friday night really took the cake. Living on the south side for 11 years, I’m fully aware that you don’t want to go too far south of Cermak.  I get it,... Read more »

Buying Unmentionables: Guys, *NOW* I Get It!

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Gentlemen, I owe you an apology. I will never again mock your reluctance to go to the store and buy feminine hygiene products. Never again will I think you’re just being foolish when you don’t want to be seen with a box of tampons in your hands. I now understand what you’ve gone through. Substitute... Read more »