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Mayor Emanuel And Community Values

Did Mayor Emanuel question the values and morality of the residents of violence plagued neighborhoods? Did those words seriously come from his mouth? That, ladies and gentlemen, take a set of stones.  An honest to God brass pair. The mayor has the gall to lay the bulk of the continuing violence at the feet of the people... Read more »

Seven Deadly Sins: Anger - "Gun Violence In Chicago"

I am seething with anger over all of this shooting. On Sunday a man was shot in the head two blocks south of my home.  Yesterday five people were shot in the vicinity of a South Shore Currency Exchange. The gun violence in this city is out of control.  Scratch that—gun violence in Chicago was... Read more »

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Random Gun Violence

Apparently there are gang confrontations erupting all over the south side. The one that’s of interest to me is the one at 67th & Blackstone.  That intersection has had three shootings already this summer. Yet one can never anticipate when or where deadly violence may occur.  The old rules dictated that violence usually didn’t happen... Read more »

The CTA's Bustracker Technology and The Gang War At 67th and Blackstone

67th and Blackstone may be only a few blocks away from my home but it often feels like it’s in another world. Last night, around the time I was coming in, a drive by shooting critically wounded a female bystander near that intersection. If the story had not been in the news this morning, I... Read more »