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Another Condo Unit Is About To Go Rental

Here we go again. Yesterday  I found out that my downstairs neighbors have received an offer for their condo unit and will be moving out this Saturday. I very much understand their reasons for moving—ease of commute, being closer to their children’s daycare and the wife’s job—I get it.  My cause for concern is when... Read more »

Now I Know Why Moms Drink And Swear

Raising children can be hard work and endless self sacrifice. Which is exactly why I don’t do it. Nonetheless, understand two things about me:  The first is that I know what you parents are doing is hard work—I truly (somewhat) get it.  The second is that despite my understanding of how challenging it is to... Read more »

The Price of Foreclosure: The Takeaway

The Price of Foreclosure:  The Takeaway
In my experience, an emerging trend with association failures is that a handful of people own multiple units.  When one or two of these individuals fall on hard times, the rest of the association tends to suffer. So the question is what can you do to protect yourself from buying into an almost certain nightmare?... Read more »

Now It's Personal

You only have so many times to talk shit to me before the gloves comes off. And when the gloves are off, they are off. When I received that reply what wasn’t said vs. what was said was fairly obvious—at least in my mind.  I was tired of explaining myself and my motives.  I was... Read more »

Lost In Translation

When I received the reply to my simple question, I started seeing red. On the surface, the response seemed pretty cut and dried.  Yet if you knew the amount of rancor just under the surface of those words, a clearer picture comes into view. Allow me to give you my intrepretation of our Treasurer’s reply:... Read more »


This post was originally published on September 7, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Assuming my condo association gets the loan; our back porch construction timeline should look a little something like this: Mid September to October 1st, 2005The loan is approved and the final bank paperwork gets signed off. We also sign the... Read more »

London Bridge

This post was originally published on September 6, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 When I think of the children’s song “London Bridge is Falling Down” I tend to think of our back porches. To put it mildly, our porches are a Lincoln Park tragedy waiting to happen. For those of your not in... Read more »

Back On Track---Fight The Power, Part II

This post was originally published on August 29th, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Our association budget seemed like the pretty standard condo budget. Water bills here, gas bill there—that type of thing. Yet upon closer inspection it seemed like a few line items were out of hand. The number one item that caught... Read more »

This Too Shall Pass

Unemployment blows. I’m going into month nine of my second layoff. For those of you who have been through a layoff, you know keeping your head up during a job search can be challenging. Obviously I have other responsibilities to tend to while job hunting.  One of them is dealing with the squirrels that have... Read more »

Seeing Eye To Eye

This post was originally published on August 24th, 2005 in I Hate My Developer 1.0 Now to make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s have a quick recap. Our building is like Glen Close in “Fatal Attraction,” very attractive on the outside but not quite right on the inside. Our developer seemingly (perhaps... Read more »