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Super Bowl Shame: I Just Took Down My Christmas Tree

This was my living room less than 24 hours ago. Yup, that’s my Christmas tree. I don’t know how getting the tree out of the house got away from me this year.  Usually, I spend the NFL playoffs taking off the million ornaments followed by millions of lights. Admittedly, I do keep my tree up... Read more »

My Christmas Secret: I Love Inappropriate Christmas Cards

I love Christmas. It has taken me years to collect my numerous cases of ornaments.  I don’t think that you can ever have too many (white) lights on a tree.  I got up the day after Thanksgiving and bought ten Poinsettias at a big box retailer. I even have two Pinterest boards devoted to Christmas.... Read more »

Christmas Decorating Fail?

Thumbnail image for 'Christmas Decorating Fail?'
Forget fighting over religion or politics at Thanksgiving. The huge disagreement brewing in my house is over Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. Kind of like the ones in that video above. I already know what I think of this River North hotel’s seasonal display.  The question is what do you think? Tasteful or nah?  ... Read more »

The Boyfriend Chronicles: The Christmas Conundrum

Let me just get it out there:  My boyfriend has questionable taste in Christmas decorations. And when I say questionable, I mean the same taste as whomever selected, pruned and decorated our city Christmas tree. You see he’s a multi-colored flashing light type of guy (with a hideous star to match, Thank you very much)... Read more »

The Holidays Are Here!

I know you may not want to face this, but as far as I’m concerned Christmas is here. As soon as the last piece of candy is given out  tonight, you might as well star decking the halls.  If it can snow in the Loop on Halloween, we can all start thinking about Christmas. In... Read more »

Halloween Craft Fail

The above picture is an example of a Halloween craft fail. For a quasi-crafty person such as myself, this is unacceptable.  Plus I’m a big fan of finishing what I started. I bought the craft pumpkin and the plain skull.  I already has the glitter, the owl and the rest of the stuff in my... Read more »

Changing of the Guard: Seasonal Edition

As one season ends: Another begins: As far as I’m concerned you can never start the Christmas holiday decorations too early.   If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you... Read more »

A Crafty Christmas---Unemployment Edition

Christmas 2010 found me desperately broke but with a hot glue gun and an overabundance of ornaments.  After modifying an Eddie Ross tutorial, this is an example of the ornament wreaths that I now create.
Yes, I’m still unemployed. Yes, Congress did not see fit to extend unemployment benefits prior to their holiday break. Yes, that means Christmas is just a little more stressful than usual.  Because who doesn’t like worrying about how to pay utilities during winter in Chicago? What’s a woman to do? Get an industrial strength glue... Read more »

When It Comes To Massacres, Death Never Takes A Holiday

It has taken me two weeks to write this post. When I started seeing the faces of the Sandy Hook school massacre, I felt the darkness descending.  The carnage sent me into a downward spiral. Death during the holiday season always makes me sad.  Deaths of children and educators even more so. I won’t pretend... Read more »

My Christmas Story

It was the cat that caught my eye. The yellow cat wandering around the back of the car amid suitcases and duffle bags, looking for a comfortable place to settle down for a nap. The car was packed from floor to ceiling with the belonging of the occupants. A man and a woman strapped into... Read more »