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Mayor Emanuel And Community Values

Did Mayor Emanuel question the values and morality of the residents of violence plagued neighborhoods? Did those words seriously come from his mouth? That, ladies and gentlemen, take a set of stones.  An honest to God brass pair. The mayor has the gall to lay the bulk of the continuing violence at the feet of the people... Read more »

When Does A Spanking Go Too Far: Lessons Learned

I’m relieved to report that I have seen and spoken with the children next door and as far as I can tell they seem to be alright and in good spirits. I’ve been monitoring the situation—the best that I can from across the breezeway—and I haven’t heard anything remotely resembling what I heard on the... Read more »

When Does A Spanking Go Too Far: Why I Didn't Call The Police

My original post very much hit a nerve with close personal friends, with my fellow Chicago Now bloggers and also with the general public. People reached out to me to tell their stories of abuse.  Others privately told me I was doing the right thing.  Strangers who know nothing of my personal character, much less... Read more »

The State Of The Neighborhood

You know that tickle you get in your stomach when you know something is about to go wrong? Changes have happened on our block and my gut tells me that it’s not for the better. We’ve had an influx of new residents in two buildings and judging by the levels of trash, noise and shady... Read more »

Seven Deadly Sins: Anger - "Gun Violence In Chicago"

I am seething with anger over all of this shooting. On Sunday a man was shot in the head two blocks south of my home.  Yesterday five people were shot in the vicinity of a South Shore Currency Exchange. The gun violence in this city is out of control.  Scratch that—gun violence in Chicago was... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day Recap: Thank God The G8 Got Taken Away

I had a few epiphanies sitting on the couch yesterday thinking about what I saw on Saturday. 1.  I’m too old for St. Patrick’s Day. 2.  Thank God the G8 got taken away. Saturday was a train wreck of epic proportions. It was the young woman throwing up in a planter on Michigan Avenue that... Read more »