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Happy Black History Month!

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Folks, we need to have a talk. Seriously. And what better time to have it than during black history month? Yeah, it’s time to make it about race again. The posts are forthcoming.       If you liked this post, “like” I Hate My Developer on Facebook Type your email address in the box... Read more »

Say My Name

I don’t have a standard first name.  Yes, I’m one of those “difficult” name individuals. Growing up, people always asked me if I had a nickname.  I promptly told them no. From the moment I learned how to spell what was on my birth certificate, I’ve been a proponent of people correctly pronouncing my name.... Read more »

Who Are YOU To Judge My Blackness?

Why is it when some white people refers to a black person as “practically white” they think it’s a compliment? It’s not. This phrase has been uttered to me several times by either well meaning white friends or in some instances white strangers that think they and I are in the middle of a bonding... Read more »

Black History Month Wrap Up: Black And Missing on ABC's "The View"

Did you know that roughly 2,000 children go missing everyday in our country? If you didn’t know don’t feel bad, neither did I until I watched an episode of ABC’s “The View” on Monday. One of their segments focused on the safe return of Mishell Green to her family after she had been missing for... Read more »

Why Does Facebook Automatically Think the Black Person Is The Criminal?

When I was posting to a thread I started on my Facebook page this morning, I noticed the following ad on the right. Really, Facebook? I pray this isn’t intentional, just someone in Menlo Park not paying attention to the images it accepts from advertisers. I intentionally redacted the conversation from my thread as my... Read more »