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Blackhawks Fever: Chasing The Stanley Cup Is Best Left To Young(er) People

God my head hurts. And my mouth is dry.  And I have seemingly lost my will to live. All from attempting to find the Stanley Cup Tuesday night. After being the model of responsibility on Monday night and staying in to watch game six, I got the crazy idea in my head to attempt to... Read more »

A Big Girl Saves The Day

I am not a small woman. Even when I weighed less, I wasn’t what anyone would describe as small.   And you know what?  I’m okay with that. I take up space.  I exist.  You see me.  I stopped being uncomfortable with that notion a long time ago.  Professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reese sums it up... Read more »

Aging Gracefully: An Fortysomething's Perspective

I am not the woman I was twenty years ago. And I’m okay with that.  Strike that—I’m elated with that. Yet you start to notice things as you get older; some good and some bad. If you’re lucky, your experiences will give you a broader perspective on life.  Things that used to matter take on... Read more »