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The True Fear Of Unemployment: Sink or Swim

On December 3rd, my state and federal unemployment benefits will be exhausted and I will receive my last check. Due to Illinois’ declining unemployment rate, the last 20 weeks of extended benefits have been eliminated. Part 1:  The True Fear of Unemployment Part 2:  The True Fear of Unemployment:  Anger Part 3:  The True Fear... Read more »

The True Fear Of Unemployment: Depression

It isn’t easy to chase away the darkness. The angst and feelings of failure weigh on your soul when you are unemployed.   Feelings that don’t go away despite the best wishes of friends and colleagues. It’s a tar pit of despair slowly sucking you in.  The more you struggle to get out, the quicker you... Read more »

Unemployment & The Mid-Term Elections

For about five weeks this summer I had no money coming in. The bill to extended unemployment benefits had stalled in the Senate causing me and several million of my fellow Americans to lose the only form of income we had. Frankly speaking, I consider myself lucky that I only lost my benefits for five... Read more »